Friday, January 1, 2021

Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going to a Chiropractor!

You try to be an educated consumer when you’re choosing a car, house, or TV, but what about when you’re choosing something else that is also very important… such as a chiropractor? There are some key questions to ask yourself before choosing a chiropractor to care for your spine and nervous system. After all, your nerve system is a very important part of your body that controls all of your functions; picking a care provider is not something to jump into without careful consideration.

So, here are some questions to ask yourself when choosing a Doctor of Chiropractic:

1) Why Am I Looking For A Chiropractor?

This is the first question that you want to ask yourself to help you choose the type of chiropractor you go to. If you have a surface-level ache, pain, or strain, and you simply want a quick fix so you can get back on the road again, you’ll want to look for a chiropractor who will take care of you for the immediate issue. When you see a chiropractor for this type of objective, he/she generally will not do a complete assessment of your spine or nervous system, but will rather work on relieving acute pain/muscle spasms and improving range of motion.

However, just like any other area of your health, there’s a difference between a quick fix and sustainable change. If you are looking for sustainable results or improvement for your spine or nervous system, or to get to the root cause of a recurring health concern, you would want to find a chiropractor to perform a comprehensive assessment.

2) Do I Want Less Or More… Or Maybe Both?

Very often people are motivated to go to a chiropractor because they want less of something that they don’t like: back pain, neck pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, something that is disturbing how they are living. They just want to go back to the way they were before. If that’s you, make sure you have the right expectation when you go in to the chiropractor that you really just want to experience less of something that is disturbing you.

Some people want more. In addition to eliminating something that they don’t like, they would like to have more of what they do want: more energy, more joy, better sleep, better mental state, more life enjoyment and improved quality of life. When you want more of something, you want to look for a chiropractor who is going to be able to help you improve your overall function, retrain and reorganize your nerve system and not just get you back to a prior minimal state. The state that led to you ending up where you are now.

3) Am I Looking For A Conventional Experience Or An Outstanding Experience?

The majority of conventional chiropractic practitioners, physical therapists, and other healthcare providers related to the spine are focused on eliminating the condition the patient is presenting with on the surface. This is generally working on temporary range of motion improvement, bone re-alignment, or muscle spasm and pain relief. If you want to have an outstanding experience, then find a chiropractor who can identify and focus on the underlying Structural dysfunctions that may be at the root cause of the structural and behavioral shifts which are affecting your health and life experience. Go for outstanding in your chiropractic care and your health.

If you would like to have your nerve system checked for its Structural integrity, a consultation to discuss your concerns may be a great place to start. Find out where to go from here by contacting our office at248-287-8700